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EKODJAR absorbs the complicated and intellectual approach towards new scientific technology and transforms this information into pleasant layman’s language supported by visuals and audio. This production helps our community inform themselves, adapt their ways, and even profit from these changes. The profit is not only a financial one, but the suggested changes are most importantly beneficial to our health while focusing on sustainable living for ourselves and future generations to come.

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From the Source

Since Malta has a big problem with heat it was evident that this might prove to be a great project. The company's drive for success together with the vast experience accumulated by Johnson Window Films, Inc. (USA) has confirmed SolarTech as the trendsetter in the local market. 


The Resin & Membrane Centre (RMC) offers the best solutions and materials to cover your roof and flooring and to set your mind at rest. The materials used are insulating, guaranteed to last and to provide the best protection.


Evolve by RS Group provides a variety of finishing products and services which are suitable for home and industrial projects. With years of experience in the sector, and with products from the best quality around, we are a one-stop shop for all.

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