Cozy Office

Episode 1


What are the benefits of lightweight concrete bricks (ICF )?

Ekodjar in collaboration with Simprolit explains the advantages of ICF (Insulated concrete form ) ,the game changer lightweight brick!


How to protect your valuables from water leakages?

Antoine Sciberras the president of The Malta waterproofing association and owner of the Resin and membrane centre explains how waterproofing can protect your valuables from any possible water leakages!


Why do newly built homes need pest control?

Arnold Sciberras a pest control specialist, owner of The Exterminator explains why newly built homes need pest control!


How to choose the perfect material for your curtains?


Mary Tabone the owner of MG Home interiors an experienced tailor explains which material is suitable for the different rooms in our home.

What are the steps, that one needs to be aware of before investing in a property?

Dalton Caruana a property consultant from CF Properties gives us a quick explanation of what should be done before deciding to invest in a property. Three main steps which one should follow on their mission of finding their dream home.


How can I rest my mind that the construction next door, will not damage my house?

Mr. Karl Azzopardi the CEO of the building and construction Authority explains in detail about the initiative of the 'Wellbeing first' and how the law has improved for the developer and the third person to be more conscious about the risks of building.


How do glass films protect your home?

Keith Attard specialist on solar and glass films , owner of Solartech explains how glass films can serve as protection against burglars smashing windows.