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Property Fun Facts and Pointers ...
Air Quality and Home Dynamics


Do I Really Need a Designer for my Home?

Charles Azzopardi - Architect & Designer


How do Room Colours Affect our Mood?
How to choose the right colours ...

Mark Caruana - Projects Consultant


What is Feng Shui?
What difference does it make in our Homes?

Maria Decielo - Feng Shui Malta


The Benefits of Air Purifiers

Is there a Paint that is Eco-Friendly and Does not Harm the Environment?

Karl Borg - Architect and Civil Engineer 


Construction Site Regulations vis-à-vis Construction Manager

Karl Azzopardi - CEO


Which Colours Can be Used on Our Façades?

Victor Sladden - Assistant Director


What to Keep in Mind when Choosing your Switches

Daniel Filletti - Electrical Consultant


The Importance of Plumbing & Electrical Testing and Required Maintenance

Jason Busuttil - Managing Director


Finding a System and
Organising our Homes

Natasha Banavage - Home Organiser  

Feature Walls and Finishes

Reuben Fiteni - Home of Colour