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installation of doors and windows

How to choose the right sink for your home?

Lara Lewis the operations manager of Bridgepoint explains how to choose the perfect sink for your home


Can a developer build property without permission?

Mr.Jesmond Chetchuti from BCA explains the process of what needs to be done before a developer decides to build a property.


Why are method statements and documentations done?

Mr.Jesmond Chetcuti explains why method statements and documentations have to be done.


How to choose the right BBQ to fit my needs?

Jonathan Rogers a consultant from Pitre Homes explains how one can choose the right BBQ that fit his needs.


How do I choose the right bedspread ?

Mary Tabone from Mg Home interiors explains the process of how to choose the right bedspread for your bedroom.

Does white wine remove red wine stains?

Maya Scerri ruins Danusan’s favourite sofa by trying an experiment. Oxypure come to rescue her , have a look at the disaster maya did.


What are the difference between the traditional block and ICF?

Maya Scerri in collaboration with Simprolit explains the differences between the traditional building block and ICF ( insulated concrete form )


How can I live in privacy?

Chrysander Agius loves to paint naked , his neighbours where seeing him paint! 

He found a solution to keep on doing what he loves in privacy, have a look at the clip below for more information.


What is a Solar water heater?

Jaron Schembri the contestant of the energy saving quiz from Electrofix answers several questions on Solar water heaters.

How should I design my home?

Mark Caruana in collaboration with Ekodjar visited a future home for a family of 4 and gave out tips on how they can plan/design their home.

Look at how Janet renovated her home

Janet Vella an artist decided to turn her homes imperfections into a work of art. Look at the video clip below to see her creation.