Electricity Plugs


smart people don't waste electricity 

Programme Intro


When was Artificial Light Invented?


The Evolvement of Light and Technologic Devices in Electricity Systems

Jason Busuttil - Managing Director


Fun Fact - Speed of Light


Electric Cable Experiment

which electric cables are best to use?

Important Things to Keep in Mind when Planning your Electricity & Switches

Mark Caruana - Projects Consultant


Security Features in Light Installation Systems Explained

Daniel Filletti - Licensed Electrical Consultant


The Importance of Natural Light: The Consumption & Psychological Aspect

Charles Azzopardi - Architect


How to Choose the Right Light Fixtures and Fittings for our Homes

Daniel Caruana - Lighting Consultant


Visualising Fixtures and Light in our Homes - This Software Makes it so Easy!

Arthur Mizzi - Technical Consultant 


The Importance of the Earth Electrode in all Households to ensure Safety

Daniel Filletti - Licensed Electrical Consultant 


Fun Fact

Did you know that one lightning strike could make you rich?

Enemalta - Where do we get our electricity from and how is it distributed?

Stefan Calamatta - Engineer


Understanding the Electricity Bill and Monitoring Electric Consumption

Anthony Axiaq - House Visits Officer

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Training and Skill Guarantee Quality:

Make Sure you Choose the Right Workers

Nadette Azzopardi - Assistant Director

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