means and sustainable ways of heating and cooling

Heating & Cooling - Programme Intro


History and Evolution of Heating & Cooling


Heating Experiment:

 Air Conditioner vs. Electric Fan Heater vs. Gas Heater

How long will it take to reach the desired room temperature? 


Fun Fact 

Do you know how big the first residential AC was? ​​


Air Conditioners are a Necessity: 

Explaining the Benefits and

All you Need to Know

Alex Caruana Carabez


Solar Water Heater and Heat Pump Schemes Explained

Mary Rose Cardona Xuereb - Administrator


The Advantages of Heat Pumps - Explaining their Multiple Uses

and Applications

Jaron Schembri


How Efficient and Economical are Fireplaces for Heating our Homes?


The Benefits of a Roof Garden vis-à-vis Heating and Cooling

Antoine Gatt - Landscape Architect


Are we Building Houses or Homes?

Tips to Utilise our Homes in the Best Possible Way

Mark Caruana - Projects Consultant