Green Rooftop

Living Green

relaxation is the stepping stone to tranquility 

Living Green - Programme Intro


The Benefits of Plants and Greenery in our Homes and Environment


All You Need to Know about C02 Emissions
and Ways to Reduce them

Rudolph Borg Myatt - Engineering Consultant


DIY Detergents - Save on Cleaning Detergents by Making them Yourself!

Charlene Mercieca - Soap Cafe'

Protecting our Homes from Insects
and Unwanted Pests

Arnold Sciberras - The Exterminator Pest Control


Sustainable Ways and Means to Construct and Finish our Homes

Ryan Cilia - Manager

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Using and Utilising the Environment around us as a Stress Reliever

Nadia Cassar - Green Fingers Club


How to make our House feel like a Home

Angelo Zahra


What is the Development Planning Fund? How Can we Benefit?

Frans Mallia - Assistant Director


Transport Experiment

testing efficiency, sustainability & impact on the environment


Licensing of Contractors:
Education and Skill Required

Karl Azzopardi - CEO


Emphasizing the Importance of Plants in Our Everyday Life

Kenneth Bugeja - Landscape Specialist


Exercise as a Stress Reliever -
What should one include in a Home Gym?

Luke Gregory