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How do I take measurements well?

If you already have rails or poles installed and you just wish to change the curtains, you need to measure the width of said rail or pole and the length from the top of rail to floor or desired length (if the curtain is not going to be floor length).

If you have nothing yet, measure the exact recess of the door or window – width and length. Also measure the space you have on either side where we can widen to determine the finished width.

Measure also the length from the top of door or window to the ceiling (or to anything which is fixed on top such as an A/C or a picture frame). If this is a window and you want the curtain to be floor length, measure also from windowsill to floor.

We also find it very helpful when you bring a photo of the room that clearly shows the door or window.

For more information contact MG Home Interiors on 2142 0540.

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