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Simplorit Rewarded at Malta Waste Management Recycling and Green Sustainability Awards 2022

The EU set a new target of 55% carbon neutrality by 2050 at CAP Glasgow. Simone Borg, Malta Ambassador for Climate Action, reaffirms the country's commitment to The Low CarbonDevelopment Strategy and the road map to achieve this target. She argues that decarbonisation and the green transition are the only way to ensure sustainability. However, she reflects that attaining these goals will require planning, significant investments and a change in our lifestyles.

Simplorit Rewarded at Malta Waste Management Recycling and Green Sustainability TV Awards 2022.

At the Waste Management Recycling and Green Sustainability TV Awards 2022, graced by Hon. Minister Dr Miriam Dalli, local building and construction firm Simplorit scooped two prestigious awards for Best Waste Management Initiative and Best Initiative in Recycling Non-Biogradables.

Minister Miriam Dalli

Simplorit's revolutionary insulated building blocks or forms (ICF) are made from a compound of expandable polystyrene granules, Portland cement and additives.

Fitting together like Lego, the lightweight blocks are used for new builds, renovations, extensions, and rooftop rooms.

They form strong, airtight buildings with walls that breathe in a fire as the polystyrene granules vaporise and, in prolonged high temperatures, turn into cement stone with no smoke or flame.

ICF is porous and reduces humidity and the chance of mould growth. The blocks have a high bio-resistance and are resistant to insects and vegetable and animal bacteria.

In addition to ease and speed of building, ICF has high insulation qualities with the best thermic characteristics in the concrete class. This attribute significantly reduces energy consumption used in heating and cooling and, as a result, Simplorit ICF blocks were commended for their contribution to Malta's carbon-neutral goal.

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