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Rakhi Mondal
Jul 16, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
History goes back more than it goes forward. Indignation is not enough for Last Database progressivism if it wants to consolidate what has been achieved. Outrage, we know, can quickly backfire. That is what will be at stake on December 19, when Last Database Chileans once again go to the polls: the ability to show that, beyond the indignation in dispute, there is still a path of profound change with a horizon of calm.José Antonio Kast's first place in the Last Database first round of the Chilean presidential elections shows the tensions between the hopes for change and the fear of the future that crosses Chilean society. The second round will Last Database confront the extreme right with the left strengthened in the latest waves of protest. <p>The "right without complexes" that seeks to stop change in Chile</p> It may seem surprising that, after two elections in which the Chilean progressive forces had resounding victories, Chile has been faced with the Last Database emergence of a far-right candidate. The candidate of the "right without complexes", José Antonio Kast, who obtained 27.91% in the first round of the presidential elections, will face Gabriel Boric, candidate of the left, who Last Database added 25.83% in the ballot. Participation stood at 47% of the Last Database electoral roll. The growth of a restorative force comes after two years of social convulsions that have marked the national agenda. The social outbreak of October 18, 2019 was institutionally translated into the ongoing constitutional process, whose fundamental milestones have been the plebiscite in favor of the Last Database development of a new Magna Carta and the subsequent election of the members of the Convention that would draft the constitutional text. . The first milestone was crowned with more than 78% of the Last Database votes in favor of starting a constituent process. Meanwhile, the second was characterized by the fact that, in the.
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Rakhi Mondal

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