Smart Gadgets


a smart home is becoming a standard home

Smart Homes - Programme Intro 


History of Automation and
the Internet of Things


What are Smart Homes?
Some Information and Useful Tips!

Miguel Attard - Control Systems Engineer 


Smart Ideas for Sound Proofing and Vibrations

Manolito Galea - Sound Engineer


The Benefits of Smart Homes and its Impact on the Environment

Miguel Attard - Control Systems Engineer

What are Electro Magnetic Fields? 
How do they Affect our Health?

Anton Vella - EMF Consultant


Latest Technology Lifts and
How they Work

Matthew Farrugia - Lift Supplier


Connecting Smart Intercoms
and other Smart Gadgets

Malcolm Zammit

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Towards having a National Building Code and its Impact to the Eco-system

Karl Azzopardi - CEO